Since my teenage years I have been fascinated by the link between food and health. Having experienced how nutrition improved my own wellbeing I wanted to learn more and inspire others to transform theirs.

My understanding of nutrition and health has been enriched by living among a variety of cultures across four continents. I strongly believe that there is no diet that perfectly suits everyone and that achieving radiant health requires a carefully tailored approach to the individual's diet, environment, lifestyle and unique personal history.

Born and raised in Germany, I travelled extensively as a professional percussionist in Europe, West Africa and the United States. Having settled in the UK in the nineties, I became a senior manager for a consumer health products company and studied to become a qualified nutritionist. I practice Natural Nutrition in London and Brighton and if you live further afield I am happy to meet you on Skype.

I hold regular workshops and also give talks, and organise health retreats. I'm still always thrilled to witness how improved nutrition enhances my clients' physical and mental wellbeing. Having become a mum, I just can't stop talking about what a huge difference healthy nutrition can make when you are pregnant, or want to be pregnant, and when you have little ones.