Throughout the sessions my emphasis is on understanding your body's needs and inspiring you to take control of your own health. If you think your taste buds will suffer, fear not - I'll give you quick, delicious recipe ideas. I've tried them out on my friends and family and believe me, they're good.

Before Your First Consultation

I offer a free telephone mini-consultation so you have the opportunity to discuss any questions you have prior to booking an appointment.

After booking your initial consultation I will email you a food diary form to complete before we meet.

First Consultation

During the initial consultation we will together build a comprehensive profile of your diet, lifestyle and personal health history.

I will explain why certain symptoms are likely to have manifested and the steps required to alleviate them. Together we'll begin to develop the first stage of an achievable, easy-to-follow, diet and lifestyle plan. The focus here will be on preparing your body to absorb nutrients. You'll come away with an understanding of the nutrition issues relevant to you, plus notes and handouts with additional information on supportive naturopathic techniques.

  • 60 to 90 minutes
  • Email and phone support is included.

Follow-up Consultations

Most people require one or more further consultations, during which we look at how you are responding to the plan. The aim will be to empower you to achieve positive lasting change.

Your programme will be light on the wallet and include recommendations and tips on what foods to buy and where, as well as how to prepare them. I tend to mainly work with foods and superfoods and recommend supplements only if necessary and when the body is ready to absorb and utilise them.

  • 45 to 60 minutes
  • Email and phone support is included.

Anja's Open Kitchen workshops

You can also attend my regular kitchen workshops, which combine nutritional education and great tasting food.