Anja's talks on nutrition in pregnancy
"Five Things To Know When You're Eating For Two"

There's so much to do and think about when you're pregnant, from buggies to bras, names to nurseries. It's easy to lose sight of your number one priority - your and your baby's health.
And nothing influences that more than what you eat. Sadly, nutritional advice for pregnant mums can be complex and confusing.

My talks aim to make pregnancy nutrition simple, helping you to understand the basic principles, and providing you with a basketful of healthy ideas for pepping up your plate.

This talk will last around and hour and there will be plenty of time for questions and a chat at the end.

Anja's Open Kitchen workshops

I believe that the key to better nutrition is tasty food. Whatever your good intentions, unless you enjoy healthy eating you're unlikely to keep it up.

I therefore complement my consultations with regular workshops, showing you how to prepare lush, inventive dishes that just happen to be good for you.

These relaxed sessions emphasise enjoyment as much as education. So, as well as learning about the benefits of individual ingredients, you'll get to play around in the kitchen for a couple of hours before rounding off with a colourful seasonal meal.

Contact me for details on upcoming talks or get a little group together and I come to you.